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´╗┐Discover the Bright Side of Funeral Home Employment Jobs


Funeral home employment jobs may not be the most desirable types of jobs today but they are among the jobs that actually pay well. Learn interesting facts about funeral home employment here today.

One of the better jobs that funeral home employment can provide is the funeral director role. Funeral directors provide competitive compensation. However, relocation may be required to land such jobs. Be practical and realistic, all over the world, the deaths recorded each year are growing in numbers. Though funeral home employment continues to grow, it will increase slower than the other types of jobs. Note that it is one of the stable jobs that you can get.

The industry is here to stay whether you like it or not. As the population increases, so the number of deaths increases as well. Now, the most in demand funeral job would be the embalmers simply because it is one of the hardest types of funeral home employment jobs.

With regards to compensation and benefits the average earnings of funeral directors are around $43,000 as of the year 2002. About 50% of the funeral home employment earns somewhere between $33,000 and $59,000. Only 10% of these employees earn as low as $25,000 a year. However, the upper 10% would earn as high as $85,000 annually. The salaries of such funeral directors vary depending on the year of experience. At the same time, the number of services that the employee performs is another factor.

Of course, other factors like the geographical location, number of facilities where the employee operates, as well as the size of the community where the service is offered, and the level of education the funeral director has to his credit add up to the rate of salary that he gets. It would only be logical that funeral home employment in larger cities have larger compensation and benefits than those funeral home employment opportunities in smaller villages or rural areas.

Now the things that you should know when applying for such jobs is that there are requirements you must comply. For one, funeral directors should be licensed in the area that they will operate. After the formal education, the graduates usually take licensure exams in the same area. If you plan to relocate, might as well take the licensure exams in the area where they can find work. On the other hand, other funeral home employment opportunities also include transportation of the deceased, preparing the remains, performing ceremonies according to the religion of the deceased, addressing the spiritual needs of the family, and of course disposing the remains of the deceased appropriately. Other job descriptions would include preparing obituary notices and organizing the burials among other things.

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